Dr. Charles Pryzant, MD

Clinical Psychiatrist

I am a board-certified child/adolescent/adult psychiatrist.  I am thrilled to be working with the RE+FORM Physical Therapy and Wellness as I firmly believe that mental and physical well-being are intricately connected.  I have experience working with all age groups across a wide variety of mental health diagnoses but particularly enjoy helping people with ADHD, depression,  and anxiety meet their full potential.  Wellness is definitely a team effort and although I work with medication and psychotherapy to treat mental health conditions, I know that it is only a piece of the puzzle.  Good health and consistent physical exercise are always part of whatever treatment plan my clients and I put together.  

RE+FORM's new clinic is located

inside Snap Fitness

6911 Frankford Rd Suite 700 

Dallas, TX 75252

(By Appointment Only)

Office: 214-679-3891 

Fax: 469-405-2994 

Email: dallas@reformptandwellness.com