Mary Ellen Nguyen, PT, MS

Owner, CEO, and Physical Therapist

Mary Ellen Nguyen, PT, MS is a graduate of Texas Women's University (2003) and is a board-certified licensed physical therapist. Mary Ellen's comprehensive education and 21 years of inpatient/outpatient clinical experience provides an excellent foundation in the treatment of patients with orthopedic, neurological, cardiopulmonary, and vestibular dysfunctions. She is passionate about her patients, has an eye for detail, and listens intently to her patient's needs. Mary Ellen likes to incorporate a combination of traditional/non-traditional physical therapy exercises (therapeutic yoga and rehabilitative pilates) if the patient is open to it. In addition to prescribing therapeutic exercises, she also performs a variety of manual therapy techniques (indirect myofascial releases, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations, IASTM/Graston, and integrative dry needling) to alleviate musculoskeletal pain and improve function as indicated. Mary Ellen is a trusted and MD preferred PT provider in the North Dallas area, rated one of the Top Three Best Physical Therapists in Dallas, TX (Year 2020 and 2021), and is considered a Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite (Year 2021, 2022, and 2023). When Mary Ellen is not rehabbing patients, you will find her traveling around the globe exploring off-the-beaten paths and discovering cultures through their cuisine.

RE+FORM will verify your outpatient PT benefits, let you know exactly how much your session will cost, collect your copay/coinsurance 

(if there is one), and submit your claim to your insurance company. You will never receive an extra or surprise bill from us - GUARANTEED!

Patient Reviews

"As a physician, I needed physical therapy following a surgical procedure. My referral to Mary Ellen from several people was a very good choice. She created an appropriate and quality treatment plan. Mary Ellen is a professional. Her approach and friendly attitude made my recovery very successful. Would I recommend Mary Ellen Nguyen? Yes!"

-Dr. Michael B.- 


"I am an extremely active 51 years young at heart woman. Over the past several years Mary Ellen has helped me with a shoulder tear, runners hip which is a slight fracture in the joint and SI issues. The best take away I can give someone who walks into their door who is feeling down about their injury and just wants to get back to normal is don’t worry. Mary Ellen will encourage and teach their clients ways to continue to be active during their recovery. I was referred to Mary Ellen by the doctors at the famed Carrell Clinic which says it all!"

-Erica R.-


"Mary Ellen Nguyen, PT and owner of RE+FORM Physical Therapy and Wellness, is simply amazing!  A year ago, I had shoulder surgery and started rehab/PT at the Carrell Clinic.  My condition and pain level got worse instead of better, so I reached out to Mary Ellen at her previous facility.  Her assessment and treatment of my condition was exceptional, and I was out of pain within a short time.  When I began having back and hip issues a few months ago, I contacted her for a possible referral to a massage therapist, thinking that would help.  I was delighted to learn about a new law that allows PTs to treat patients without a prescription for 10 days. Who wants to go through all that testing etc if you don't have to?  She once again made an accurate assessment and began treatment that brought me relief.  I am now out of pain and much stronger, nearing the end of my PT treatment sessions.  The convenience of a mobile PT during COVID is just wonderful, especially since I am high risk.  Mary Ellen is kind, compassionate, professional and simply a top-notch physical therapist.  I recommend her very highly.  Very happy!"

-Beth B.-


"Mary Ellen is a joy to work with. She correctly identified what a chiropractor badly misdiagnosed and exacerbated in the past and helped me repair the issue. She did an amazing job of meeting me where I'm at, working with my current ability, providing schedule flexibility based on time and money constraints, and giving me the info I needed to continue my healing journey on my own. All at less than half the price of the PT my doctor initially referred me to."

-Moniqa P.-


"Mary Ellen was so helpful in my recovery and absolutely wonderful to deal with.  I had severe pain shooting down my right arm and let it linger.  After seeing my family doctor which involved getting on muscle relaxers and also an orthopedist for a MRI, both of which were of little help, I reached out to Mary Ellen.  She was patient as she walked through the exercises I needed and today I'm pain-free.  This was the first time I've ever seen a PT and truthfully pretty skeptical, but I was amazed that exercises and stretching could relieve the worse pain that I've ever been through.  Till this day I still do the exercises for maintenance purposes.  Thank you Mary Ellen for getting me back to normal!"

-Alfred C.-


"How lucky that I encountered Mary Ellen Nguyen as my physical therapist. My healing benefitted by this true professional’s heightened sensitivity and intuition, all underscored by her impressive knowledge of anatomy. This unfolded into the unique program of physical therapy she created for me. Her program was, simply, spot-on.  Mary Ellen knew what challenges were strong enough to move me back to confidence in walking while guarded enough to keep me incrementally restrained within my capacity at the time. In short, Mary Ellen kept me respectfully attuned to my natural healing process. Through it all, I progressed enormously.  I am grateful to know Mary Ellen and to have been under her care. I owe my revitalized walking capacity to her trained eyes. It is a true pleasure to recommend her."

-Kitti S.-


"Mary Ellen's kind, gentle but firm encouragement helped me recover so well after a complex surgery on the arch of my foot. Her hands-on care and watchful eye made each PT session valuable. I particularly appreciated her corrections of HOW I was doing the exercises. I highly recommend this gem of a physio!"

-Lynette B.-


"Mary Ellen is a considerate professional who knows her rehabilitation business.  She answered multiple questions and kept the progress moving forward with enhanced procedures as my knee replacement began improving.  Worked on both the flexibility and on the strengthening needed to secure a successful rehab. Very worthwhile and I would highly recommend!"

-Dan W.-


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Complaints regarding non -compliance with the Texas Physical Therapy Practice Act can be directed to Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, 333 Guadalupe Suite 2-510, Austin, Texas 78701,, 800-821-3205 (toll free, for complaints only) or 512-305-6900.